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How Terrifically Taken Started...
One day my wife and I were sitting on the couch and I mentioned how I wanted to do something for extra income. We brainstormed on several ideas and I remember her saying, "How about photography?" I was like uhh sure. A few days or weeks went by and I kind of let the idea stagger.
Now, it was close to Father's Day during the time we were discussing what to do for extra income. One day boxes started coming to the house from UPS. You know how women always order things from Amazon, lol, so I didn't pay any mind to the boxes.  Come to find out the boxes were not for her but for me. They were photography materials, camera, lens, tripod, etc. I was ecstatic because she took it serious and I was not making any motion towards it. I let the camera sit in the box for some days then I finally decided to try it out.
My first engagement was a wedding in November. I was nervous due to the lack of training and experience, but God. By His grace I was able to complete this task, which started something wonderful and amazing. I am still growing and learning, yet aiming for the stars and highest mountain to take my business. 
- Special thanks to everyone that has EVER supported Terrifically Taken Photos.



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